My mind is the most dangerous tool I own. I can’t help but think about you. I sincerely miss you. I fucking miss you, man. I miss our midnight tokes. I miss having a friendship with someone that never forced anything sexual, just sincere friendship. I miss discovering ourselves with each other and thinking we found the answers to the world’s problems. I miss when we would plan things together and how we knew we would have a podcast talk show. I just miss you dude. And I wish you missed me too.




a support group for people who began using popular slang ironically but now cannot stop



Ronald Reagan Wearing Sweatpants On Air Force One

finally, an example of someone pulling off class AND swag


Anthony Mackie being the first black superhero (and making Bill O’Reilly uncomfortable) on Jimmy Fallon (x)

SERIOUSLY??!? James Rhodes/War Machine isn’t a fucking superhero?!!? And just happens to be black?!? It fucking infuriates me when people act like it’s such a big deal for an African American to be a superhero. THERE SHOULD BE NO DIFFERENCE. If he’s white? Sick. If he’s Hispanic? Sick. If he’s black? Sick. We shouldn’t have to talk about Falcon being awesome because he’s the first black superhero. First off that’s false. And secondly Falcon is awesome because Anthony Mackle is fucking awesome. Ethnicity and “race” is beyond us in the MCU so the social media needs to shut the fuck up and praise this man because he is a superb Falcon, not because of his skin color.

harry potter + red and blue


basically describes last night at Escape… Carnage hands down best set

Hahaha those people were some of my neighbors at the camp grounds! They were awesome. Raged our asses off together.



Is it just me or you don’t really realise how drunk you are until you are in a bathroom alone???



Daft Punk’s cameo in TRON: Legacy.

The game has changed.”

So weird seeing this on my dash when I’ve been watching it for 3 days straight.